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QALARO Double Buckle STAR Grips for Girl's Gymnastics (Set) *NEW & IMPROVED*

QALARO Double Buckle STAR Grips for Girl's Gymnastics (Set) *NEW & IMPROVED*

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QALARO Double Buckle STAR Leather Bar Grips for Girls Gymnastics. Soft, comfortable leather grips, easy to break in! With a sturdy double buckle wrist support and dowel to create a pocket for the bar. It has good palm coverage and great contact with the bar. Comes with bonus cotton wrist bands and a cotton drawstring bag!


Size variations:  

0 / EXTRA SMALL (XS) fits hand 13.5-14.5cm

1 / SMALL (S) fits hand 14.5-15.5cm

2 / MEDIUM (M) fits hand 15.5-16.5cm

3 / LARGE (L) fits hand 16.5-17.5cm

4 / EXTRA LARGE (XL) fits hand 17.5-19cm

Please see the measurement technique in our images.

Wrap some sand paper around a pen and use it to enlarge the finger holes so they can fit past the FIRST KNUCKLE only - the holes must remain a snug fit! Please DO NOT use scissors.


  • Bar grips must be replaced every year, or at the first sign of a tear
  • In the case of a tear, discontinue use of guards IMMEDIATELY and replace
  • The higher the skill level & hours trained is relative to how often you will need to replace your grips. Higher hours & skills = more frequent replacement. This is to ensure your safety on bars.
  • Do not use water on your grips, the leather will harden and snap.
  • DO NOT make the finger holes too big; this creates risk of the grips slipping off. 


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